Hi! My name is Tess Dziallo and I’m a UX & Motion Graphics Designer based out of Los Angeles, California.

Documenting Stories

As a way to understand perceptions of CicLAvia, we engaged event goers through a graffiti wall. Our goal was to encourage event goer participation through alternative activities to produce qualitative data about CicLAvia.

Snap Lens Academy:

CHAZ AR is a Snap Lens immortalizing the community that resulted from the George Floyd riots in Seattle during June 2020. Our aim for this lens was to feature the art and community inspired by racial justice.

Meow Wolf x MaCher:
Override Guide & OvAR

In order to blend the physical and digital worlds through storytelling, Override Guide & OvAR incorporates lore of the Meow Wolf Convergence Station with AR components. Our aim was to allow Meow Wolf visitors to relive the exhibit in the comfort of their home while exploring Convergence Station lore.

Earthworm: UX Research

During summer 2020, I did graphic design work with Earthworm, a gardening startup. They were experiencing customer signup issues, so I pitched a UX research project in order to understand how the sign up process could be improved.

Tess Dziallo