Here’s a quick gallery of my motion graphics and storytelling work.

In December 2022, I conceived the story and script for our semester project video, while my teammate, Andrés Muñoz, put the clips together, and another teammate, Bin Gao, created the credits. We wanted the video to demonstrate how CicLAvia improves the communities that host their events.

In August 2022, I created this video about a Snap lens for racial justice I made with my Snap Lens Academy team. I made sure to give special attention to wording and while recording the narration, made sure to emphasize tone in certain sentences, like “…in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.“, with the aim to give depth and hook attention.

Additionally, “We can do better for racial justice, but we need your help.“, was my metaphorical call to action. My literal call to action,, was the organization that my teammate Kyle recommended, who started (and is still maintaining!) CHAZ’s BIPOC garden we put in our lens.

In May 2022, I created this video to feature how our conceptual project, the Override Guide & OvAR, would be used to drive traffic and sales to the Meow Wolf brand. I took screenshots of every side of the 3D model (sculpted by Jiashi Balisacan) and converted the images into 3D layers in After Effects to build a flippable book. While its only 17 seconds and lacks audio and story, this was the most technically challenging After Effects video I’ve done thus far!

In December 2021, I made this video for a school project focusing on combating food waste in LA’s under funded schools. By connecting viewers to a character like Luis, my aim was to get people thinking about how small actions (developing good habits in children) have big impacts (improving quality of life and combating climate change).

Goodnight Punpun

This was a passion project from May 2021. I wanted to retell the beginning of Goodnight Punpun, a haunting manga about growing up with childhood trauma and the cycle of abuse.

Tess Dziallo