Earthworm Gardening

Earthworm is a startup I did a remote internship for during the summer of 2020. The service matched gardeners with homeowners who rent out portions of their yard for gardening in exchange for cash or produce.


Earthworm was struggling to acquire new users.


Find out why users were not signing up by performing usability testing.

Time Frame

2.5 Weeks.

Tools Used

Illustrator • Photoshop • Zoom

Project Summary

I conducted 8 interviews where I observed users interact with the site. I learned that unclear information, poor organization, and confusing navigation deterred many of them from signing up.

Therefore, information needs to be organized well and the location of where a user is within the site needs to be obvious.

Research Overview

I interviewed 8 individuals over Zoom, 3 were homeowners and 5 were gardeners. They screen shared with me as they navigated the site and went through the sign up process.

Notes taken during the interviews.
Color coded commonalities that were found.

Research Insights

Based on the interviews, the common problems were unclear information and poor organization.

When navigating the site, the poor organization deterred many of the interviewees. They were unable to find information they were looking for and were typically confused about their location within the site.

Upon beginning the sign up process, the interviewees expressed confusion because the sign up process did not differentiate between those interested in gardening and those interested in renting out their garden. Additionally, there was insufficient information about the options available during sign up.

Design Overview

Clear organization and navigation was my priority.

Design Methods used were an Information Architecture and Sign Up Flowchart in order to optimize structure and organization.

Based on Research and Design Methods, Wireframes & Site Designs were created.

Design Methods Click to enlarge

Wireframes & Site Designs Click to enlarge

Project Insights

The timeframe for this project was extremely short, so I focused heavily on the feedback from user interviews and improving the organization structure.

Something I would like to do next time is a second round of usability testing once the site implemented a new iteration of designs to ensure that users know their location within the site and can find the information they’re looking for.