Lufthansa IFES Redesign

This project explores user centric design with the goal of making In-Flight Entertainment Systems (IFES) more user-friendly.


Many In-Flight Entertainment Systems are unintuitive.


Create a user-friendly IFES.

Time Frame

4 Weeks.

Tools Used

Illustrator • Photoshop • Figma

Project Summary

The biggest take away from my research, was that people who fly are likely to be anxious, tired, or on edge, meaning they’re more prone to irritability.

Therefore, it’s imperative for an effective IFES design to have clear organization and enjoyable entertainment so the flyer can experience no added frustration.

View the prototype here!

Research Overview

Several different techniques were used in order to understand IFES users.

Survey Results includes results from a user survey that had 22 participants.

Research Methods includes a UI Deconstruction of a Roku TV, Empathy Map, Mind Map, Persona, User Journey, and Competitive Analysis in order to gain an understanding of what the flyer is going through.

Survey Results (22 Participants) Click to enlarge

Research Methods Click to enlarge

Research Insights

The biggest take aways were gathered from the Survey, Empathy Map, and Mind Map. Fliers are likely to be anxious, tired, or on edge, meaning fliers are more prone to irritability.

The UI Deconstruction of the Roku TV taught me that the UI gets confusing if too much content is displayed at once.

The Competitive Analysis and Survey showed me that the biggest cons of most IFES are confusing and buggy UI.

Thus, it is critical for clear organization and enjoyable entertainment so the flyer can take their mind off things and experience no added frustration.

Design Overview

Simple organization was my priority.

Design Methods used were a Flowchart and Current Visual Assets.

Based on the Research and Design Methods, Wireframe Iterations and a Prototype were then created.

Design Methods Click to enlarge

Wireframe Iterations Click to enlarge

View the full prototype here!

Project Insights

Overall, I had a lot of fun designing the prototype and thought it came out well.

Something I would like to incorporate next time is to do some user testing on the prototype in order to further refine it.

Additionally, some of the animations in the prototype ended up being laggy so I opted for fade animations instead. Ideally, I would like to investigate further in order to get smoother animations working properly.