Hey, I’m Tess Dziallo. My last name is pronounced “JAH-low”, and is Polish for gun (but is technically spelled wrong with two “L”s instead of one, ahaha). I’m a self taught illustrator, passionate about UX, motion graphics, and storytelling. I love identifying and solving the root cause of problems, not just how the visible symptoms can be managed. Currently, I have an associates in Graphic Design and am studying Interaction Design through the IxD program offered at Santa Monica College. I anticipate graduating with a Bachelors in Science in spring 2023.

When I’m not researching or designing, the main things I do are rollerblading, surfing, gardening, rewatching or binging shows (and by shows I mean strictly cartoons, anime, and true crime), reading manga (I’m a huge Berserk fanatic; please ask me about the latest chapter!), and occasionally drawing & painting. Recently, I’ve been needle felting a doll in remembrance of my beloved cat, Trunks, where I’m incorporating 10 years of fur I collected during his life.

Interested in collaborating?

Send a message here or email me at t.dziallo@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours 🙂

Tess Dziallo